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Category: Short term loans

Benefits of short term loans

Seeking to apply for a short term loan and in a dilemma as to whether you should go for it or not? Do not worry as life is a total summation of the choices we make and at times we simply need to be pointed in the right direction. Short term loans have indeed helped numerous people get the much needed financial help as and when they need it within a couple of hours. If you are wondering why you need to consider applying for short term loans, we are going to highlight some of the top benefits of applying for them.

Quick access to cash

The outstanding benefit about short term loans has to do with the fact that you get access to the cash you need within a very short period of time. Usually, once your short-term loan has been approved, you can expect to receive the cash mostly within 24 hours. This type of loan is, therefore, instrumental when you are in urgent need of cash in a hurry.


Leniency regarding your credit history

Your credit history plays a central role especially when you are applying for a long term loan. However, short term loans do not dwell so much on your credit history and tend to be lenient when it comes to it. In other words, you can get approved for a short-term loan provided that you have a steady income and free from any other outstanding loans.

No collateral

Short term loans are mostly unsecured which essentially means that you do not have to pledge security prior to approval. You can, in essence, get approved for a short term loan without having to set up any of your assets as security. What this really mean is that should you default, none of your assets will be at risk. However, you shouldn’t apply for a short term loan with that kind of mentality. It is essential that you meet your loan obligations as lenders can utilize other mechanisms to ensure that they recoup their money when you default in payments.


The beautiful thing about short term loans is that there are many lenders there out willing and ready to work out a flexible arrangement when it comes to repayment. For instance, you can choose to be paying off the interest accrued to the loan monthly and ultimately pay the principal amount as a one-off payment. This flexibility is indeed what attracts many people to short term loans.

No long term commitments

The drawback about long-term loans has to do with the fact that you have to be committed for a prolonged period of time usually lasting a couple of years. The same cannot be said about short term loans as you are just committed to a loan for a couple of months only and ultimately focus on the foreseeable future.

To sum it up, in as much as there are many benefits related to short term loans, there are also a few demerits which include high-interest rates and the fact that defaults lead to high penalties and fees.


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How to go about applying for short term loans

Are you currently in some financial distress and in need of an urgent loan? Are you looking for a loan product that will help alleviate your financial problems in the shortest time possible? If the answer to the above is yes, you should consider making an application for a short-term loan. In essence, short term loans refer to the type of loan repayable between 2 weeks and 3 months and are most suitable for individuals who urgently need cash for whatever reason but simply can’t wait till they get their next paycheck. A good example of a short term loan is a payday loan.


The reality of the matter is that you could never really tell when an emergency will crop up. Unfortunately, most of the emergencies happen when you simply do not have cash with you. Your paycheck could be two weeks away and yet an emergency such as a leaking roof or a car that has broken down simply can’t wait. So what do you do in such circumstances? How do you arrest the situation as you await your payday? You guessed it right. A short term loan could help you sort out your mess within no time. The question now is, how do you apply for a loan such as this?

The beauty about short term loans is that the application procedure is quite simple. You don’t have to deal with complex procedures or a lot of paperwork before you can be approved for one. The first step is to look for a suitable lender. To accomplish this, go online as there are many short term loan lenders in the UK with amazing websites. However, searching for short term loan lenders is not all about doing business with whichever lenders you stumble upon. Ensure that you carry out due diligence. When searching for the right short term loan lenders, find out whether they have been accredited, ascribe to laid down ethical professional conduct in their business dealings, whether they are reliable, truthful and honest just to mention but a few things you should consider.

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The reality of the matter is that there are numerous lenders out there who promise heaven and the earth but they are simply out to swindle customers with high-interest rates and substandard services. For this reason, take your time, do your research and settle on a short term loan lender that is not only legitimate but also has your best interests at heart. Once you have pinpointed or settled on a short term loan lender, the next course of action is to make an application for the amount of money you urgently need. Also be sure to check out whether you meet the requirements outlined by your lender.

In most cases, short term loan lenders require that you be a person of sound mind above the age of 18 years, be in some form of employment (you need to show proof through providing income statements), show proof of address just to mention but a few. The requirements are put in place so that the lender can ascertain that you are capable of repaying the loan. If you meet all the requirements as outlined, your application will be approved and you will receive your money within 24 hours or in certain circumstances 48 hours.  You can choose to have the loan amount deposited in your bank account or you can personally collect it if the lender offers such an arrangement.

In conclusion, short-term loans do come in handy especially when you are desperate for cash and need it urgently. Just ensure that you choose your lender wisely and that you take into consideration factors such as interest rates, ease of application, professionalism, and reputation before you make an application.

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